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Father away - Memoir of a Quest

This is a thrilling story about a search for a missing father, a figure in the shadow. With the help of family international frankfurt the father could be found finally.
The story written by the son Philip, begins with the brief and intense affair of a young Indian and an English woman in London in the 1950s.

The tale evokes the atmosphere of Fifties and Sixties in rural England as a boy of mixed race with an absent father. It describes the slow process of mother and son coming to terms with their situation and tentatively learning how to talk about it. Out of this evolves the desire to know what has become of the father who had departed the scene in such dramatic circumstances.

Questions around the search for identity of wider relevance are raised here. This is also about the yearnings and ambiguities which people in search of a lost relative – especially a parent – experience in various forms. It is a tale of false leads, cul-de-sacs and dashed hopes, but one which ultimately leads to a satisfying resolution.