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Feedback of people, who made a tracing request

amilie international frankfurt e.V. often receives thanking letters from persons who were tracing family members as well as from those who were traced, but also from persons whose family members could not be found, or where contact is not possible for the time being.

We would like to present some selected feedback. Tracing for a close relative brings up a lot of emotions and many a visitor to this website may feel that these words express their own thoughts. Moreover, this way we want to thank all those who confided in us about the sensitive issue of tracing. It takes a lot of courage and determination to start tracing, with uncertain outcome. But any kind of certainty can be comforting.

  • Search for half-sister Germany / USA 2022-2023

I would like to just say how wonderful and thankful I am that my birth mothers family found me. It was the most beautiful and amazing event when we met. It is like we have been in each others lives forever.This just goes to show how much work you put in to finding me. 70 years since my birth and this is so wonderful. Germany was absolutely beautiful. Thank you for all the time you put into the results that make this such a beautiful thing. Love my new family.Thank you 

  • Search for adoptee USA/ Germany 2019-2020

I am writing to give thanks for your help to my sisters finding me in USA. I am profoundly moved by those events. Back in May 2019, I asked for help from a family friend of my family, who lives in Germany to locate my birth mother.

A few months later our friend, responded that she could not locate her, but did direct me to write a letter to the Deutsches Rotes Kreuz / Suchdienst. I wrote them in October 2019, asking for help, giving what information I had. I was informed by my adoptive parents in 1983 or so, that I was released for adoption. The adoption was final in August 1967. In my adoption papers there was no mention of my biological father. 

On 20.12.2019, I received a letter from an organization called the International Social Service – USA with a request to verify they had sent the letter to the person identified. The following week, on the 23rd, I called the agency to verify and during our conversation that a half sister, in Germany was in contact with their partner in Germany [Family International Frankfurt] that her brother was found. I immediately agreed to making contact through mediation. A few weeks later, I was informed that my sisters wanted to make direct contact. It was discovered on their part that their mother was friends with my mother, who had adopted me, and then moved to the USA. That played a big part in the discovery.

I wanted to thank you for your support. The three of us have enjoyed or reunification, I have yet to meet the older brother. But as they mentioned, they have a trip planned in September to meet me.

  • Search for birth family Canada / Germany 2012 -2013

This letter is to thank ISS Canada and fif that located my birth family in Germany. I had tried myself for many years and even went to visit Germany frequently. I wrote numerous letters to the government and had local friends help me. I did not speak German and had very little paper work. (which was a huge barrier).

When I contacted ISS Canada, I had given up hope but was pleasantly surprised when I spoke with the social worker there and she encouraged me to continue the search. With their help and contacts, they did find my remaining family members and we are in touch regularly.

Unfortunately my birth mother passed away but I have been blessed with 3 siblings. We have not met yet, but will be skyping soon and making future plans. This was a dream come true and having at least some history has made me feel so much more complete! Again, I cannot thank all of  you enough!  


  • Search for the birth mother Australia/ Germany 2012-2013

Port Lincolns man`s search finds German family

Read here the whole story 


  • Search for father Australia/ Germany 2009/2010:

So although the contact was not what I wished, I am very grateful for the work fif provided - ‘it was like looking for a needle in a haystack’ trying to find my father, but fif succeeded and I am grateful for this.

  • Search for mother USA/Germany 2008:

Finding Adele - Andrea`s journey to find her birthmother produces bittersweet truths and wonderfully unexpected surprises.

Read here the whole successful story.


  • Search for sister UK/Germany 2005-2007:

    I received a telephone call from S. the half sister of your client who you where able to find for us, she was very happy and appreciative of all your work to locate and make contact with her sister for her.S. had only just returned from spending a short holiday in Germany with her sister, and couldn’t wait to let us know how well it all went, and as I said above, how grateful she was to you for finding her sister. She sounded a different woman to when I last spoke to her! She is now starting to decorate her spare room so her sister and her partner can come and stay with her next in the UK!

    She was so appreciative of your work and help I really felt I had to tell you!

    British Branch of ISS

  • Search for mother in the US Feb. 07:

    I want to thank you very much for the great work and good results you have shown, the pictures of my mother and a lot of more bricks to my story.

  • Search for sisters Canada/Germany Sept. 06:

    "I wish to share this miraculous event with everyone and anyone accessing the fif web site.
    Late June 2006, fifty-eight years later, I had been informed that I had two sister who were born in Germany. In June I was told only of their first names and my mother's real name and my maternal grandparent's name. My mother had died 23 days after my birth in Germany. I immigrated to Canada at 18 months with my father. My paternal grandfather sponsored us and took care of us. As you can imagine, the shock of this news and not knowing which way to go I started my search for the family I knew nothing of. I was directed and redirected by many people who tried to help me until, in August 2006, someone told me to write to ISSC (International Social Services of Canada)  who in turn directed what little information I had to "fif" Frankfurt, Germany. I was hopeful and extremely anxious that I would one day soon be able to meet them.  I prayed that they were still alive and wondered if they knew about my existence.  One can only imagine the emotions and questions that went through my mind, repeatedly. ISSC (International Social Services of Canada) and "fif" Frankfurt kept in touch with me on a regular basis which kept my hopes up. The last week of September 2006 I had received a letter from my case worker from ISSC that "fif" had located and contacted one of my sisters who was eagerly awaiting my letter. Shortly after the other sister was also contacted. Instead of writing them I had the sudden urge to phone them.  My German speaking friend in Toronto was kind enough to phone one of the sisters.  She spoke to her husband who related very sad news that my sister  was in the hospital and very sick.  It was Sat. Oct. 14/06 when we received details of her condition. She had cancer in both lungs,  pancreas and liver.  The doctors where doing everything they could to keep her comfortable. The doctors gave her a poor prognosis. "It's a matter of time"  I made an immediate decision to go to Germany. My son found a flight leaving the same day at 11:00 p.m. I made quick contact with my employer and that night my son and I left for Germany.  The next day my other sister and her husband met us at the train station. What an emotional and joyous union that was.  The next day we all travelled 80 miles to the hospital where our sick sister was.  I visited with her daily and spent as much time with both of them. Over the two weeks we shared information about ourselves. I met both sides of their families (their children and grandchildren). My son and I were received with genuine warmth and love. We were able to fit all the missing puzzle pieces together to finally form a complete picture.  My sister  passed away just before Christmas 2006.  I can't believe how close I came to not knowing her.  She made me happy as I did her.  We are all constantly phoning and emailing each other.  My other sister and her husband will be coming to Toronto, Canada this summer to attend my son's wedding.
    To date I can't express my deep, inner feelings with all that has happened and so quickly. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have met them.  All this was possible, because of the wonderful people what worked for "fif" and ISSC.  Their expertise brought quick, wonderful results and their empathetic approach to me was most appreciated during these confusing and emotional times."