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familie international frankfurt e.V.

Member of International Social Service (ISS)


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About Us

familie international frankfurt e.V. (fif) was founded in 2004. fif is a non-profit association which is registered in the Register of Associations in Frankfurt. The staff members of fif are a well-coordinated team of social work and legal professionals, who have many years of experience in the field of intercultural, intercountry social work.

Member Status

The association is the German partner of International Social Service (ISS) for the fields of international adoption and tracing. ISS is composed of a worldwide network of national members and members a.i., with a General Secretariat in Geneva.

Basic Ideas of our Work

We are committed to the basic ideas of helping people to help themselves and ensuring the best interests of the child. The services we offer and the professional counselling we provide are subject to strict confidentiality in accordance with data protection and adoption laws.

Our Fields of Work

  • The association is a recognised inter-country adoption agency which can process international adoptions
  • People (e.g. who were adopted) who are searching for their roots or for relatives and members of their family of origin 
  • People who need support or counselling on relationship issues or family
  • People who are in need of conflict mediation
  • social agencies or  courts can benefit from the international network of ISS, e.g. in order to obtain:  
    • Child study reports which are required for a planned stepchild or relative adoption;
    • Social reports / documents / information for adoption proceedings which are pending before German courts;
    • Information and reports for court proceedings concerning the recognition and effect ascertainment of adoptions;
    • Child study reports for other inter-country adoption agencies.


We offer counselling in German or English.