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Welcome to family international frankfurt!

familie international frankfurt e.V. (fif) has been an accredited intercountry adoption agency since August 2005 to provide professional assistance with adoptions of all kinds.

As a characteristic feature of our adoption agency, the main focus of our work is on stepchild and relative adoptions. We have special knowledge in this field of work, which is necessary for assisting with cases in this complex matter. We will also be pleased to assist you with a non-relative adoption.

Moreover, we assist clients with their request for tracing their family of origin or other persons. From our experience as adoption agency we know that many of those who were adopted as a child may be faced with an identity crisis. We won’t let you alone with this. We will be pleased to help you to trace your birth parents, your biological child, or a family member. Moreover, we offer help to persons who want to trace their father.

familie international frankfurt e.V. is a member of a strong worldwide network, the International Social Service. Our clients benefit from this cooperation across borders, as it enables us to obtain professional reports from countries all over the world, which are needed by the relevant courts or agencies in Germany for pending adoption proceedings or the recognition of a foreign court decision, as the case may be.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Your fif Team