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Counselling and Mediation

Conflict is normal and happens everyday and everywhere. It often results from different perceptions, misunderstandings, and – though sometimes wrongly perceived – different interests. Although conflict is part of everyday life, unresolved conflict causes stress which can impair our daily living and, at worst, be harmful to our health.


If you need help in dealing with a stressful or unresolved situation, we will be pleased to offer you professional counselling and advice.

Mediation – get talking to each other

In our capacity as trained mediators, we will be happy to assist you with your mediation procedure. Mediation means “settling disputes”. It enables you to resolve your conflicts in a constructive way.

Mediation is a procedure which gives you the opportunity, with the help of your mediator, to find adequate solutions on your own. Along the lines that no-one is better able than you to find a solution which is satisfactory and fitted to your individual situation.

Experience has shown that self-developed solutions can best suit the individual needs and interests of all persons involved, are more likely to be complied with, and can avoid future conflicts.

We offer counselling and mediation – in German or English language – on any questions or conflicts with an intercultural dimension concerning relationship, fatherhood or motherhood, separation of families, divorce, child custody and visitation rights.